Layout Editor in 1.5 SDK

Android’s layout editor  for Eclipse is much improved in the 1.5 SDK vs. the old 1.0/1.1 versions. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that until yesterday, because the new controls didn’t show up for me. Instead, Eclipse just said:

Eclipse is loading framework information and the Layout library from the SDK folder.  file.xml will refresh automatically once the process is finished.

Of course, the process never finished. Because I never had any use for the old version, at first I didn’t even know something was wrong.

There seem to be a handful of people out there with the same problem, although none of the suggested solutions worked for me. Until I found this Spanish site. It turns I should have uninstalled the old Eclipse plugin before installing the 1.5 SDK one. In my plugin directory (~/.eclipse/plugins), there were still .jar files from the old version around (named 0.8, apparently). Simple removing those files and restarting Eclipse did the trick for me.

6 thoughts on “Layout Editor in 1.5 SDK

  1. I’m first time installed.
    But still I’m getting this issue.

    Could you please let me know the files I’ve to delete.

    P.S I’ve carbide on my PC. Will it cause any issue.


  2. Thanks for that,

    you saved me much time to find that out. Had the same problem after updating to the new sdk, but the description helped me out.


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