AirPlay/AirTunes Code

  • AP4J-Player – Java client to send videos to AirPlay devices
  • shairport – emulate an AirPort Express to receive audio, written in Perl and C.
  • airstream-media-player – receive video on Windows.
  • AirPlayer/AirFlick – Receive and send video, but Mac-specific.
  • RaopX – stream music to an AirPort Express, Mac-specific, functions as a virtual output device.
  • raop-play – stream music to an AirPort Express. I couldn’t get this to work though (error 453, which apparently means the APX is already in use, which it wasn’t; nor was it able to connect to shairport).
  • The original JustePort – also gives me error 453.
  • pulseaudio-module-raop – Ubuntu module; virtual PulseAudio device to stream to an AirPort Express (stutters like crazy, although it appears to depend on the application. Youtube in the Browser works fine).
  • pulseaudio-raop2 – there apparently exist two vesions of the AirTunes protocol, and this might work better (not tried).
  • Airtunes2 Specification
  • raopd – attempt to provide an audio output device on Linux, abandoned.
  • AirTunes protocol discussion

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