Cannot SYNOEARename

I’m recently seeing a strange behavior when renaming files on a Synology NAS box through am SMB mounted share on Ubuntu: Nautilus shows an error message, saying the file cannot be renamed, but after refreshing the folder, it turns out it has successfully been renamed.

/var/log/messages says:

May 7 16:36:15 smbd: modules/vfs_default.c:1230 Cannot SYNOEARename [Foo] to [Bar], SynoErr=[0x3900]

The problem started appearing after rsync’ing a share from another NAS to this one.

This has to do with the @eaDir directories you’ll find on your volume when looking at them in a shell. I can fix the problem by setting the permissions of these directories recursively to 777. Looking at the source of the Synology Samba extensions, that is supposed to be the default (synoea.c).

The strange thing is, though, that for some reason, I’ve found them set to 007, which should be good enough we all. What’s more, I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ve fixed permissions on the same @eaDir more than once now – which would mean they reset. I’ll have to keep an eye on this.

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