Building Hibiscus

Steps to build a custom Hibiscus plugin for Jameica:

  • Checkout the code: The “hibiscus” module from the Hibiscus project, the “jameica” module from the Jameica project: “cvs -z3 co hibiscus && cvs -z3 co jameica”.
  • Within jameica/build run “ant nightly”, which will generate releases/jameica-lib.jar
  • Edit hibiscus/build/, make define.jameica.dir point to the Jameica checkout, relative to the Hibiscus root directory (not the build/ subdirectory).
  • Running “ant nightly” within hibiscus/build gives you a that can be installed into Jameica.

Update 2013-12-01: Still works the same way using the git versions.

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