Tiling apps on OS X


  • UI not particularly pretty
  • But very customizable; custom Magic Mouse and Trackpad gestures, tiling only a small part of the feature set.
  • Tiling shortcuts need to be set up manually. Supports shortcuts to move between displays.
  • Allows dragging windows to screen edges to tile.
  • Uses more or less fixed tiles, not a custom grid.


  • Innovative way to very easily do custom tiling each time it is invoked.
  • Allows global keyboard shortcuts execute configured window placements.
  • These configurations need to be setup manually.
  • Uses a grid system.
  • Can move between displays, but not between desktops.

Optimal Layout

  • Tries to do task switching and tiling.
  • Custom on-demand tiling system similar to Divvy, but lacks it’s simplicity.
  • Fixed number of configurable layouts.
  • Keyboard shortcut to move to different display.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to arbitrarily move/resize windows in pixel-increments.

SizeUp / Cinch

  • Simply does the Windows 7 thing.
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be customized, little else.
  • Comes preconfigured, just works.
  • Can move between displays and desktops.

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