This is your Life.
Try new things. Find out which things you love, and do them often.
Make time for your family and good friends.
Work hard. Love harder.
Don’t be afraid to cry or laugh.
Be inspired and inspire others.
Turn off the TV and go outside.
Sing like no one is listening.
Dance like no one is watching.
Stop searching for true love. It will find you.
Learn something new every day and share it with someone.
Be passionate about the ones you love.
Follow your dreams. Let them take you to new places.
Be an individual. Others will respect you for it.
Introduce yourself to new people.
Know your faults. Strive to be a little better every day.
stop worrying. Start trusting.
Hang on to your past but look forward to your future.
Forgive and forget.
Eat, drink and be merry.
Seize the moment.
Travel often. Smile often. Love often.
You only live once.

This Is Your Life Motivational Poster

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