Looking into web shop software


  • Admin is in English only
  • No support for SEPA/ELV payments

Big Cartel

  • Beautifully simple
  • Interface entirely in English
  • PayPal payments only


  • Based on WordPress, which is probably the reason you can’t customize the page html itself; customizations are CSS-only.
  • Right amount of complexity.

Versa Commerce

  • UI a bit antiquated
  • At times I find it even confusing.


  • Can probably do anything, but is zero fun.


  • No German interface, no ELV.
  • Pretty cool UI designer though.


  • No German interface, no ELV.


  • On the upper end of desired complexity, but still within acceptable bounds.
  • Setting up payment methods by referencing a PHP file in the UI? Ugh.

Amazon Webstore

  • Insane amount of verification bureaucracy to even get an account.
  • Interesting UI designer, but tiresome to use, and limited in what it can ultimately do (fixed header, footer).

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