Redis admin options


  • Only one db
  • No actual UI to see or edit data (in-browser CLI only)
  • Needs to write actual stats data to your redid.
  • Looks great.


  • Not the most feature rich, but has the important stuff
  • Looks great
  • Supports multiple connections (stored in a config file in the home directory); I want an easy ability for a new docker redid instance to register with the management UI.
  • Redis database key-spaces (0,1,2,…) etc. need to be registered as separate connections, which sucks.
  • Because it tries to do fancy stuff like show the redis keyspace in a tree, it doesn’t handle large datasets too well:


  • Looks great, but there is the pricing (per db, not by total keyspace size)
  • All the issues with a hosted solution.


  • Also renders keyspace as tree, I suspect it has performance problems as well
  • Simple but has the basic functionality down
  • Multiple database are configured in PHP config file.

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