Tools for self-hosted email

I’ve been running my own mail server for years, using the ispmail setup, and recently I have been looking into replacing it with a slightly more comprehensive setup (with a modern webmail, admin ui), ideally without putting in all the manual work. Here is what I came up with:

Open Source options

sovereign – ansible based, lots of unrelated stuff, but no admin ui for mail.

mail in a box

MailCow – Docker-based.

Mailu – Docker-based.

iRedmail – seems capable, but no cool factor.

modoboa – Administration only

Webmail Interfaces



Roundcube, or successor



Kite (developer now an engineer at

Nylas N1 – a Desktop solution now, but using web tech could presumably run in the browser.

Interesting Commercial Mail solutions

FastMail – uses Sieve for filters.

atmail – provides a self-install version; a web interface I really like; pricing seems unclear

Context.IO and Nylas abstract away mail protocols behind an API.

JMAP – IMAP successor.

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